The winery is located in the southern side of Colli Berici Hills in the little town of Barbarano, province of Vicenza. The vineyards have southern exposure and lay in the hills surrounding Barbarano, where the soils are mostly chalky-clay.

This territory is embraced by more or less steep hillsides with alternating terraces and flat that sometimes culminate with vertical rocky cliffs that were once coral reefs. Country rich of history, culture and tradition, the birthplace of Tai Rosso, Barbarano is an attractive tourist destination. To the north of the Colli Berici Hills there is Vicenza, the city of Palladio.


The Colli Berici Hills are a hilly training consists essentially of a sequence of marine sedimentary rock formations with isolated manifestations of volcanic accompanied by a dense network of tectonic phenomena. Barbarano is a great variability of situations ranging from ancient stratigraphic Flakes Red (very stratified marly limestone) covered by pyroclastic materials, a volcanic breccia coarse and calcareous marl layers of ivory color with horizon rich in fossils until evolved with clay soils full of red skeleton.