It was called Tocai Rosso until 2007, when it was renamed Tai Rosso to differentiate it from the homonym hungarian white wine. Recent studies showed its affinity with the French variety Grenache. In Veneto, it is cultivated exclusively in the province of Vicenza, where it is also known as Barbarano, from the name of a town in the historical wine producing area of Colli Berici, where it has been coltivated for centuries. Depending on the vintage, we produce three versions of Tai Rosso, the “Rosso Calbin”, simple wine with tipical caratteristics of Tai Rosso, the “Cìo Bacaro”, a reserve with 18 month in Tonneaux and, only for top vintages the “Gregorio”, made with dried grapes and aging for 3 years in Tonneaux.